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Escort Terminology

SP - service provider
Women for Men only - Female available only for male clients
Women for Women only - bi or gay females available for bi or gay female clients
Women for Couples - Females available for either male or female clients.
Men for Women - Females available for female clients
Men for Men only - bisexual or gay men for other bisexual or gay men.
Couples for Men Women - either 2 women, 2 men or a male and female for either single people or couples
Anyone with cash - accepts almost anyone
Transgender - males or females who have had a sex change
Full service - full vaginal intercourse - or full anal sex with men
Safe Sex - condoms always
Condoms Optional - ride bare back - not recommended
Oral - fellatio, sexual pleasures with the mouth.
Anal - accepts anal entry
Hand Relief - hand job, masturbation, often included with massage
Short Time - quickies - less than an hour
Sex Toys - provides and  accepts the use of implements like vibrators, dildos etc.
Girlfriend/BF kissing, cuddling & taking a real interest in clients
Dinner - Day/Evening Dates - an escort you may take to a public or private function
Model - will pose/perform for photo, video
Sexatary - Males or females who are willing to help out in the office and do much more than typing, - fantasy, flirt, show cleavage & upskirt as appropriate, sit in the bosses lap & bonk on the desk, photocopier etc.
Corporate Business Companion - is socially skilled and at home in a corporate environment. Who in public would act as a personal assistant and a lover in bed
Travel companion - intercity -  international
Travel companion - Tour Guide - escorts who offer both companionship and guidance on your tripMassage - escorts can seldom deliver a good massage, we suggest if this is what you want, find a qualified massage therapist
Transgender - male or female escorts who have had a sex change
BDSM - bondage and masochism
Pain - a fetish & part of BDSM
Watersports - pissing on or being pissed on
Crossdressing - wearing clothes of the opposite gender
Sexy Home helper - Nude house keeper - French maid.
Incall - Clients come to the SP's place of business
Outcall - SP's go to the clients location