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Why Hire an Escort

Come on in Honey, I am waiting for youHiring an escort is the same as hiring any other professional as you would a doctor, lawyer or mechanic. You pay them money for a service. It doesn't matter what the service is and when you're nice to the person, you generally get a better service than if you aren't.

Medical research has shown that sex keeps you healthy, so if you're not getting any, hiring an escort is a simple option. Simply select a girl or a guy and make an appointment, it's that easy.

It helps to have an idea of what you want before contacting a service provider. Is it a quick release, a long slow luscious shag, a temporary girlfriend who will have sex or a nice cuddle and sexy play? What ever you want within the law and there are girls and guys up for it and you know you are going to get laid.

Pleasure without commitment
Stress release and relaxation
Intimacy without the tedious process and pitfalls of dating
Experience and bedroom skills

Escorts are not prostitutes because they are not selling sexual contact for money. Escorts are women or men who for a fee will be your date or companion for  conversation, kissing, touching, massage, affection, someone to talk to, a shoulder to cry on, someone to be with, someone to help you feel more comfortable around women, someone to teach you about how to be with the opposite sex and how to make love.

The cost of an escort is often less than the expense of wining, dining and then only maybe getting lucky. But if you are not sure of what to do, click on the photo to the right, get her moving on your screen and think about your desires.

Escorts can teach the art of sex so when you find the right person, you will be sexually confident.

Get laid by someone who is drop dead gorgeous - Lets face it - if you are not so good looking this may be the only way to get it on with someone who looks like a supermodel.

Service providers:
hookers - quick sex (short time),
escorts - conversation, your date to a business function, massage, sexy fun
temporary girlfriends - social occasions and sexy fun
massage therapists - therapeutic, relaxing and erotic body massage with either hand relief or sexy fun and conversation
tantra massage - conversation, ritual and a high quality sensual and erotic massage - not always with relief
courtesans - dream dates - educated and beautiful, men and women who care, helping entertain guests, travel and shopping companion, massages you into total submission and is your hot & sexy lover - more terms

Things one should never say to an escort.
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